About the Author

About the Author

Meet the Author: A Jill-of-all-Trades

Hello! Maraming salamat sa pagbisita sa Pinoy Home Office! I’m Girlie Sakay and I have been in the online work aspect for 4 years and counting. I am born and raised in Manila where the job market is highly competitive. As a graduate and board topnotcher of BS Radiologic Technology, I never ceased to find ways how to make money online. My hobbies during free time turned into passion because my insatiable need to tinker with computer software and lurk in websites and social media must be satisfied. Thus, this is how Pinoy Home Office was born which I am solely the author, for now, lol!

My Experiences

I started out as a part-time Data Entry Assistant for a Japanese company circa 2004. Ang main duty ko back then is to type and input 10,000 invoice numbers sa Microsoft Excel weekly and I did that for two straight years in the comforts of my own living room!

My other online job experiences include teaching English to Japanese students, virtual assisting as a Project Manager for a US-based company and now, a Website and E-Commerce Manager for a UK telco company. I’ve also authored a few blog posts, making sure it met the standards for SEO.

What I Gained

I know you’re wondering how much my salary was in doing these things. Well, I started with P4,000 a month then naging P10,000 for my part time data-entry work. For full-time, I was paid P30,000 per month as a Project Manager. And I know a lot of other online workers too who have higher wages than me, even earning six figures from this! Of course, I can’t disclose you how much I’m getting paid in my current work. Basta isipin mo na lang, I am paid working in my living room, no traffic and commuting involved, wearing my pantulog, and eating in front of my computer (I also gained weight, lol!). 😉

Aside from that, I learned so many new skills technically! From medical field to web developing, this is my first time building my own website. I’m proud to say I learned it on my own by operating my employer’s website. Special thanks to my bro and sis, Gemski and Jennipenn, for being my guinea pigs to test if this site works perfectly and optimized for you!

The Reason Behind This Blog

Throughout my entire online career, I’ve helped out a couple of people like my cousins and close friends. I’ve also gained the trust of foreign employers in assessing and hiring the right candidates for them. People who went under my care and training were thankful and that made my heart soar. And I want to impart my experiences to you!

Shoutout to my forever supportive husband, Michael. This website is also dedicated to you.

If you’re really interested in getting an online job, my tips and advices will greatly help you. Also, this blog will be updated regularly, especially the Now Hiring page, so check that page often.

If you’re not into working regularly because you already have a full-time job but wants to earn still, or gusto mo pagkakitaan ang oras mo online, I hope you will find the Earn Money page helpful.

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  1. Well done sis. I am so amazed reading your blogs. Really helpful!!!! I will definitely let other Va’s especially aspiring VA’s knows about it. Thank you so much and more powers.

    1. Author

      Hi sis Katz! Thank you so much for the heartfelt words. I’m just sharing to others what we VAs are all about. Take care always.

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