Legit ba talaga ang work at home jobs?

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    Hi! I found your webpage really helpful to people like me who wants to try this work at home jobs. Kaso medyo may apprehension lang ako kasi baka mamaya networking lang to or may bayad. Ask ko lang kung totoo ba talaga to and how do you usually start going into this kind of career?



    Hello Jade!

    Thank you for being our first poster here in our forum. Yes, work at home jobs are legitimate. I am currently a Virtual Assistant for 9 months now and I love my job! I got hired by creating a profile in Onlinejobs.ph (look for their box on the right sidebar) and the rest is history. I also know a few people who are working remotely. Our previous accountant from Iloilo is working for an Australian-company. A friend from Baguio is working for a US-based company and a very close friend of mine from Manila worked as a Data Entry Assistant. And we were paid handsomely on a weekly or bi-monthly basis, depende sa usapan niyo ng employer niyo.

    To get you started on what do you need, please refer to my article 7 Essential Things To Have Before You Start Working Online para ma prepare muna workstation mo. I also write weekly basic guide articles para maka help din ako.



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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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